Crapuchetti Botones is a Uruguayan company operating in the buttons and fashion accessories manufacturing. The company offers two general lines of products. One of such lines is the polyester buttons line, with over 700 models. The second line of products includes handcrafted buttons manufactured from natural raw materials.

Managed by Italian immigrants from its inception over 25 years ago, the company has a solid tradition of buttons manufacturing with first class raw materials and modern designs.

Production with top-notch Italian equipment combined with the best raw materials, such as olive wood, cow horn and leather (naturally treated), yields a product that meets the highest international standards.

Quality, good service and well-presented, timely product delivery make Crapuchetti Botones one of the region's leading companies in the trade.

A perfect balance between skilled staff and production capacity guarantee the compliance with conditions enabling to satisfy any kind of demand. At present, the company supplies apparel local exporters. In addition, the company is currently exporting its products to Argentina, Mexico, Canada, USA and several European Union member countries.

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Our Mission

To produce buttons and fashion accessories using ground breaking ideas. To use the highest quality raw materials, seeking to attain excellence in design in order to position ourselves in the international market lead. To be capable of marketing our creations with professionalism, both at the local and the international level. Our main aim is to fully meet our customers' needs.