Natural Line

Within this line, you will find buttons manufactured from olive wood, cow horn (Hereford cattle) and cow leather, naturally treated without chemical products. The raw materials used in our creations undergo a thorough process of quality control, which assures that the end product meets the highest international standards. Our creations are perfect for garmets made of wool, leather, nappa, suede, napalan, etc. .

Cow horn buttons

They are made of cow horns from Hereford cattle, which is the main breed used for beef consumption in Uruguay and Argentina. This breed's horns' typical light shades produce white, beige and marble buttons.

Leather buttons

They are made of top quality cow leather (with vegetable tanning), and no chemical products are used in the tanning process. There are two remarkable kinds of buttons within this line. One of them includes hand-braided leather buttons, and the other one consists of sole leather buttons patterned with a wide variety of designs. Our most innovative products are our imitation alligator, yacare and frog skin buttons, among others, which are made of vegetable tanned leather.

Wooden Buttons

These buttons are made of aged olive wood. Its main features are:

  • it's hard and close-grained, which allows for an excellent finishing.
  • it's oily, thus allowing for its particular shine.
  • its beige shade with brown streaks enables amazing combinations; each button is a small master piece in its unique natural colors.